June Phonography Giveaway

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on June 27, 2016

I am super excited about this giveaway. Every item is amazing and I only wish I could win it all! So what’s phoneography? Well it’s photography you take with your phone! Get it? Phone + photography = phoneography. I don’t know who coined the term, but it makes sense and there are even some great Instagram hashtags related to it. While I always recommend investing in a DSLR, I know what it’s like to not be able to afford one, and your photography doesn’t have to suffer just because you can’t afford a huge investment right now. If you are a blogger, shop owner, Instgrammer, or just someone who wants to take better photos with your phone-there are things you can use to improve-and I (along with some other fabulous bloggers and creatives) joined Angie from My So-Called Chaos to bring one lucky winner a big pack of them!






If you’ve never seen one of Angie’s big group giveaways, she likes to ask each of the sponsors to answer a question for the month. This helps you get to know them a bit better and see if you want to follow them more.

Angie frequently shares her favorite Instagram accounts on her blog, and so far she’s shared her favorite lifestyle bloggers, travelers, and beauty experts on Instagram.

Our Favorite Instagram Accounts

“I love following @aspiringkennedy-she has amazing travel photos and adorable kids!” – Olya from The Siberian American

“I love following @Nailstorming because I love painting my nails and enjoy her fun nail polish art tutorials.” – Kimi from Kimi Who

“We LOVE following Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess. All of their posts are so colorful and inspiring; plus they feature a lot of community members. @abeautifulmess.” – Hannah & Sara from The Perfect Storm

@themoderntulip – I love that she’s a fellow momma and how her instagram and blog showcase gorgeous images and snapshots of her life as a wife and mom!” – Libby from Health Love and Fire

“I absolutely adore Daryl and Mindi Hirsch of @2foodtrippers. Not only do the take amazing food photos, but they are eating the food I want to eat!” – Andi of Misadventures with Andi

“There is so many people that I love. My favorites are Taylor Wolfe , Abby Smith & Helene Sula.” – Tabitha of A Hundred Tiny Wishes

June Phoneography Giveaway Sponsors

@TheProperBlog – Love the projects Lexi does and how she styles the photos for Instagram.” – Annie from Rocky Mountain Bliss

@dailydoseofdesign I love the stark white backgrounds with the pops of color coming from the clothing/accessories! – Dana from Pellerini

“I just recently fell deep into the planner hole and following @meandmybigideas gives me great ideas and inspiration for my planner. They also love to share other’s planners so I can find more people to follow that way!” – Jen from Injenious Life

“I love following @loveyoumoretoo because she’s a local Dallas friend who shares her love of fitness and healthy living!”Happily the Hicks

@marvelousinthemidwest, Her feed is bright & colorful and her outfits are the bomb!” – Roxy from Royalty in Reality

“I’m currently loving lots of BBQ folks on Instagram. One of my favorites is @grillinfools. He does a lot of reposts, but they’re always accompanied by great captions and drool-worthy BBQ images.” – Mary from Vindulge

“I love following those that post travel photos, especially those that introduce me to new and different parts of the world and potentially inspire our next vacation destination.” – Mar from T.O. and Fro

@iambaker – Amanda is such a talented baker. I just love to see her latest dessert creations.” – Carrie from Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen

@afreespiritlife” – Andrea from Waldorf Salad and Cottage Fries

“I love following @xantheb because of her beautiful photos and fun short films!” – LaShawn from Everyday Eyecandy

@funforlouis he is always an inspiration and his photographs are great.” – Kate of Kate/idoscope

“@hereyeswereolivegreen Her feed is so beautiful, filled with neutral colors and she is such a down to earth person.” – Amanda from Green Tea and Cotton

Dallas Clayton – every picture he posts makes me smile!”> – Candace from Luxe… With Kids

“I love following Cara (@thechampagnediet) because her posts are always so empowering and my girl Amanda (@meetatthebarre). Amanda has a very similar sense of humor and always has great style. Both of them have very colorful and fun photos.” – Kara from Fit Chick Nextdoor

@elabau – I love her beautifully displayed desserts.” – Howard from Thyme to Save

“Apart from hair, my other obsession is artsy stuff. I love to follow Laura over @mynewestaddiction since she posts all these cute planner stuff on top of her beauty finds. She also loves Starbucks like me!” – Tiff from Straight Hair Club

Enter the June Phoneography Giveaway

This month we’re giving away a big prize pack of goodies* that will help with taking better pictures from your phone. Giveaway is open worldwide** and ends at 12AM MDT on 07/12/16. Entering below agrees to all terms and conditions within the Rafflecopter widget.

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*Prize inclusions depend on availability, may not be entirely as depicted in the photo (but will be similar).
**International Winners will receive a cash prize of $150 due to shipping matters.



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A Weekend in Kauai – Hanapepe and the Spouting Horn

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on June 24, 2016

Kauai Weekend Arrival (1)


Well my friends, we did it. One of our main goals when we moved here was to see the other islands. We’ve successfully hopped to the others and we were all set to do Kauai. But then our move started to creep up on us and with all 3 kids, it seemed financially out of reach. But, my sitter is a lifesaver and agreed to watch the kids ALL weekend so we could hit up the Garden Island.


Kauai Weekend Arrival (2) Kauai Weekend Arrival (3)


When we first arrived, we got our rental car and grabbed breakfast at Tip Top Cafe in Lihue. Driving around, we could already see how different Kauai is from Oahu. So green. The island is nicknamed “the Garden State” is very appropriate.


Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (1) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (2) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (3) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (4) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (5) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (6) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (7) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (8) Kauai Weekend Hanapepe (9)


Next we went to Hanapepe Town. It’s a cute little town that is home to one of the country’s oldest Swinging Bridge and they also claim to be the inspiration for parts of Lilo and Stitch. You know I love a good Disney story. The swinging bridge was kind of scary. It looks like a normal bridge but the faster you walk and the further you walk onto the bridge, the more it swings. I was concerned about falling down – or off. Even though there is no way to fall off because there’s safety measures that have been put into place. We peeked into the stores on the main drag too but didn’t buy anything.


Kauai Weekend Beach Hotel and Spouting Horn (1) Kauai Weekend Beach Hotel and Spouting Horn (2) Kauai Weekend Beach Hotel and Spouting Horn (3) Kauai Weekend Beach Hotel and Spouting Horn (4) Kauai Weekend Beach Hotel and Spouting Horn (5) Kauai Weekend Beach Hotel and Spouting Horn (6) Kauai Weekend Dinner (1) Kauai Weekend Dinner (2) Kauai Weekend Dinner (3) Kauai Weekend Dinner (4)



That evening we went out to eat at Merriman’s. It was recommended to Hubs by a co-worker and it was delicious. We got to the restaurant a little early (and missed the turn) so we drove over to the Spouting Horn blowhole. There’s a few on Oahu – the most famous being The Blowhole – but this one was pretty cool too. There were all these signs posted saying not to go out to the blowhole because you could get swept out to sea but as you can see, some people don’t listen. Anyway, the restaurant was delicious and had several gluten free versions. Hubs got the lamb chop and I got the special of the day, red snapper.


It was a great weekend. This was our first away from the kids, leaving them with someone other than my parents but our sitter is awesome so I didn’t have to worry at all. We both did feel a little sad on Sunday because it was Father’s Day but we were home for dinner on that day so it wasn’t too bad.

Come back next week to see more of our weekend adventure!



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Raspberry Acai Smoothie Recipe

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on June 21, 2016

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EmergenCRecipes #CollectiveBias

Emergen-C Smoothie Recipe Vertical


One of the things we love about living in Hawaii is all the outdoor activities. A lot of people assume that life in Hawaii is all beach, all the time but it actually has a lot of lush jungles and gardens. The soil here is very fertile and all kinds of plants grow. While there are beaches, this is an island after all, we love to hit up hikes and botanical gardens to get some exercise and to see the sights. We won’t be in Hawaii forever and there are plants we probably will be hard-pressed to find once we head back to the mainland. Another thing we love here is all the freshly blended smoothies we make. Incorporating fresh ingredients from Walmart and adding Emergen-C gives us the added vitamin boost we need to keep moving this summer.


Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (1) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (2) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (3) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (4) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (5) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (6)


We have a botanical garden about 15 minutes from our house and I love to walk through it. It’s quite hilly so we get a good workout, all while enjoying the natural beauty of Hawaii. It’s also shaded since we’re in the foliage so during this hot summer months, we’re able to keep a little cool and keep the sun off our heads. The path is about 1.5 miles one way, if you go through all the loops and you will get in some hill work but when you’re done, you feel so refreshed, it’s all worth it.


Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (7) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (8) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (9) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (10) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (11) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (12) Emergen-C Raspberry Smoothie Recipe (13)


After a good workout, I like to recharge with something healthy, tasty, and cool. One of my favorite things to make is smoothies. Our Walmart has a great selection of fresh berries and so we picked up some raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to make a yummy smoothie. We also got some kale because my husband is obsessed with it. An acai berry packet (found in the freezer section) and some Emergen-C Raspberry rounds out the smoothie. You can find your Emergen-C in the vitamins aisle. I got the raspberry flavor but they also have orange and tangerine if you’re making a citrus-based smoothie.





Once you’re home, gather your smoothie supplies. We used a couple leaves of kale and about 3/4 of a cup of each of the berries. The blackberries and raspberries could go in whole but I chopped the strawberries just to make blending easier. You don’t need any ice, milk, or juice because the acai packet will provide all the liquid you need. Run the packet under some water to get it easier to break apart and then put it in your blender. Add the kale and berries and blend until smooth.


Emergen-C Smoothie Recipe (1) Emergen-C Smoothie Recipe (2) Emergen-C Smoothie Recipe (3)


Once the smoothie is all blended, take 1 Emergen-C packet and pour it into your cup. Pour the smoothie over it and stir well. The packet contains vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes so you will feel refreshed after your workout. It also makes your smoothie have a little fizz to it which I really enjoy.


Emergen-C Smoothie Recipe (4)


Raspberry Acai Smoothie, serves 1


  • 3/4 cup chopped strawberries
  • 3/4 cup raspberries
  • 3/4 cup blackberries
  • 1 packet frozen acai juice
  • 2 kale leaves
  • 1 packet of Emergen-C Raspberry


  1. Place all berries, acai, and kale into a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour contentes of Emergen-C packet into a cup and then pour your smoothie in.
  3. Mix well and enjoy!

Emergen-C Smoothie Recipe (5)


Incorporating Emergen-C into my smoothie routine is helping me stay refreshed all summer long. Which Emergen-C Flavor would you add to your favorite smoothie recipe?




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